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Hey fellas,

Not looking to get flamed here, but I had heard that the Supras SOMETIMES use the 300 zx twin turbo fuel pump as an 'upgrade'.

I searched through the technical section and couldn't find any support for this. Seems the most popular upgrade is the addition of a second supra intank fuel pump.

Question is this: if the 300zx fuel pump is indeed an 'upgrade' (or has ever been used an an upgrade), can anyone share with me what rwhp it has supported!?

Thanks for the help.



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i belive some people use it as a second pump ..when they go single i have also heard the 300zx pump flows better !

Re: Re: 300ZX Twin Turbo Fuel Pump

One person supposedly did it (Warren) but it doesn't mean that it's a good choice... Actually it's ass backwards
hmm.. I thought it was more common. I could have sworn I've heard of more people using Z pumps. I'll agree that it is ass backwards though.
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