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I think this is way too much...

The fuel consumption shouln't be more than max 2 i think.

Some peoples drive theirs on approx 1,2-1,5 liter/10km, but mine slurps the double (100 km = half tank).

The enginelamp isn't lit and the car runs fine, it seemes almost like the soup is running right through.

Any tips on checkpoints ?
I got an dump, but my doublepiston-dump should work with original airmassmeters anyway.

Specs :
HKS 3" Downpipe, 3" sportskat, K/N sportsfilter. HKS ssqv dump.

I'll get ruined if i go to :

it's 1000 km's one way = 300 litres of gas. at approx. 1,55$ a litre.(sweden)

Thankful for all tips....

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What a horrible consumption! I had a bad O2 Sensor and my brakes dragged, so it was at 15litres @ 100 Km. After fixing it, it was normal again (12L).

May be you have a leak somewhere?? Do you have a TSRM?
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