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4 Row Greddy with stock twins???

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Has anyone tried running the 4 Row Greddy with stock twins? If so, what are the pro and cons of running this setup. Also, how many pipes need to be fabricated to get the intercooler to mount to stock twins?

Thanks in advance,
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There is no need for the 4 row. You will only be adding unecassary lag. The 3 row is great for stock twin, and the 3 row has been in cars making over 800rwhp.

Later, Steve
Im wondering about the same thing. 4row is only $200 more. I will go single turbo in the future either t66 or t78. Some more info would be appreciate it.

Will the 4 row really hurt performance with the stock twins????
I'll take this one step further and ask if the 4 Row will hurt performance with a big single. Ever notice that Walser and SW both run the 3 Row FMIC? I wonder what the reason for that is....

Think about this guys. I am an engineer and I know there are equations for everything on the car. Take for instance the size of the stock intercooler. They figured that a car running as much boost as the stock turbos could safetly put out would only need an intercooler of that size. Now judging from that size and dealing with 450HP a 3row front mount would be more than enough to take on single turbos. You may find your performance is hindered with too large of an intercooler. This is just my opinion. I mean the car was over-engineered in the first place!
The 3 rows is good for up to 8 - 900 whp
So even those with the T-66 and the T-78 I think 3 rows is good to go
You don't need 4 rows for those turbo, It is overkill..
Just remember there are 2 kit for the 3 rows, get the one for single setup piping when you upgrade to single T-78, flow alot better.
To answer your question about piping.
You need to replace all the piping on the turbo side ( total 3 pieces) in order to fit the 4rows kit on the stock twin
Hope this help

Are you guessing on the 800-900rwhp numbers or do you have data to back that up? I'm not challenging you, I'm just curious. Thanks! :)

anyone know if they sell a single turbo piping kit? ive got the 3row for stock twins that i now use on the t78 and would like to get the different piping but dont wanna go through a big hassle.
Sure I can back it up:))
Bryce Danna from Houston is using a HKS type R same dimension as the 3 rows with T-51r SP (one of the big one).......put down 874 whp.
SW from Austin is using the Greddy 3 rows with RPS T-72 ....last time dyno 804whp it is more now, 154 mph trap...
Darren Strunk from Austin is using the 3 rows with HKS 2835 put down 851whp...It should be more now...
Those are the 3 that I know on top of my head, you can find out more at


I know...that's what I've realized as well. Makes me wonder why anyone would go with the 4 row.

Do you know if any of those guys have probes to monitor their intake charge temperatures? I wonder how hot they get.

I'm in the same situation as gritsak and looking to upgrade to the single turbo piping. Anyone know where we can just order these pipes?
save your money and get the 3 row. It is very capable of handeling your needs. I doubt your be daily driving with 800 hp. But who knows.
Are the pipes that come with 3-row for stock twins just a little smaller on the turbo side from the 3-row for a single? If so, I want to know the same thing gritsak does.

The pipes are smaller for the stock twins. But the big difference is the piping for a single is routed differently, it drops down from the turbo instead of running over to the fender.
Does anyone have data to indicate distinct advantages for either the 3 row or the 4 row? Walser? SW? Jesus? Angel?

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