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4th Gear slight grind-What to do?

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I need help! I have a 6speed Supra that has just developed a slight 4th gear grind at hear rpm's only.

It has been perfect up till 2 days ago, no grinds, no leaks, etc...
I was driving it on an off ramp and about to come to a light, I downshifted to 4th and I somehow stalled it as the AEM/ Triple plate clutch/Air conditioner sometimes makes it difficult to hold an idle if I stop that quick. I heard a slight grind into 4th gear.

I took it out again tonight, and it was grinding into 4th gear at high rpms but not at anythign below 3500rpms. Now I have not changed the tranny fluid in who knows how long, my stupidity I suppose. I have had Toyota Getrag fluid sitting in my garage for sometime now but hadn't got around to it.

Do I put on OEM Toyota Getrag fluid or do I put in a GM syncromesh????

Help me!
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Use OEM. The syncromesh can sometime create problems, like jumping out of gear. The tranny oil should be changed between 20-30K miles, anyway. Not keeping it up is probably your problem, especially if you run it hard.
FYI- NEVER put any other fluid into a V160 transmission except

OEM Toyota V160 fluid
Royal Purple Synchromax
I have 3 bottles of the holy grail fluid-V160 in the garage actually....

But if I wanted the best possible chance to fix a slight grind at high rpms, do I use the V160 or the Pennzoil Synchromesh (same thing as GM synchromesh)?????
oem Fluid.
OEM, or Royal Purple synchromax.....Nothing else.....if you have a grind, the chances are your sychros aren't in the best of shape...the bad new is, synchros aren't what you hear, it's the gears they are supposed to be protecting.....
change the fluid and hope for the best, but more than likely you are nearing rebuild time.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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