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I have a buddy of my that will begin selling a 6-speed conversion kits for @ $5500 shipped.

It includes:
A clutch master stage5 (twin disk with lightweight flywheel)
All the parts needed.
TT Drive-shaft.
A rebuild Getrag.

He can add a brand new Getrag too but that's @ $2,500 more.

If any of you guys is intrested PM me.

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has anybody switched out there 5-speed to 6-speed on there NA?
Yes I did to my NA-T

just 5 speed to 6 speed? how about auto to 6 speed? any other clutch options? maybe rps carbon to carbon?
Yes just 5-speed to 6-speed becuase in auto you'll need the peddals and stuff.
And no, no other clutch options till now. :lol:

That looks good. Does it include the 6 speed pumpkin or a custom driveshaft?
Nope no pumkin till now but he can get them ar @ $1700 brand new.
And no custom driveshaft till not you'll have to modified the TT stock one that you get.

Rear end included??? btw, where is this guy located?
Nope no rear end till now.
He is in Miami right now but he will be moving to sunny Cali very soon.

I asked him about the Auto to 6-speed, he told me his working on that should be @ 8000 including dash pieces,support,subframe, ect. but it's still in the works.
I'll keep :stickpoke to finish it up sooner
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