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Hey Curt,

Could you give me the part number for USDM 550cc injectors.
On the side of the injectors i have, it says Denso 23250-46060

I purchased six connectors 90980-11153 but they do not fit on the injectors. I am wondering if I have the wrong injectors. The 90980-11153 clips look the same as the ones that were on the 440cc injectors.

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Curt, I have a similar question/concern.

90980-11153 injector connector fits JDM 440cc injectors
90980-11154 injector connector fits US 550cc injectors
23250-46040 is a JDM 440cc injector (came from my JDM Aristo engine)
23250-46060 is a US 550cc injector

If 11153 is supposed to fit US 550cc injectors, then did toyota make two different types of US 550's??
I have a US Spec engine harness that has 11154 connectors on it and fit my 550's perfectly but from what im reading the 11153's are supposed to fit the 550's....
Just curious as to which is which and help emliminate and confusion for other customers.

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