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5spd swap completed & Cruise control fixed!

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Well I figured it out. I now have a 5spd, working reverse lights, cruise control is also working perfectly. I also have to push in the clutch to start the car, and when the cruise control is set, the clutch pedal cancels the cruise.

The CC fix was done by taking the two wires used for the neutral start switch(white and black wires from the 3 wire tranny plug), and routing them through
the clutch pedal start switch. Yep, that's all it takes. I figure when the pedal is pushed and the neutral start switch is connected, the car starts. When you let the pedal out after the car is started the ECU sees that the car is out of park and lets the cruise control engage. The clutch pedal also works as a cruise control cancel. This happens when you push the clutch in, the neutral start switch is engaged and the ECU thinks the car is in Park, thus canceling the cruise(The whole reason you don't have cruise control in the first place). I'm still in the process of cleaning up my wiring and I'm working on adding resistors to each of the shift solenoid wires to perhaps get rid of my tranny error codes. I drove the supra 500 miles home with the cruise engaged, I have no doubt that this is the fix. The question is how long will the clutch switch last with a higher amps running through it for the starter? Perhaps down the road I'll wire up a relay to fix this issue.

Chris D.
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