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Alright chaps,

I'm about to launch a few brake upgrades for the Supra:

1. Front 6 pot billet alloy caliper to fit with USA spec turbo std front
discs, 670 pounds including mounting brackets per pair.
2. Rear 4 pot billet alloy caliper to fit with USA spec turbo std rear
discs, 330 pounds per pair.

The above are great for non-turbo owners who want to upgrade to the bigger
turbo brakes, all you need is discs, pads to go with the calipers.

3. 6 pot 330mm conversion kit, rough cost 1200 pounds
4. 6 pot 356mm conversion kit, rough cost 1300 pounds
5. 6 pot 378mm conversion kit, price to be announced.

I'll know the cost of the complete kits next week which I shall announce
then. All the calipers are available in a variety of colours, prices plus

I should be able to do a discount on these prices if there is enough demand.

Let me know what you think


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Sure looks good Paul. What size rims will be neccesary to fit each respective brake kit? Thanks!


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Dear Lord those things are huge!!!


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