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6 speed NA supra

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I was looking at the supra specs somewhere and saw that in japan the NA supras also came with a 6speed option. I looked and it is a gertrag 6speed almost exactly like the turbo 6speed but the tranny code is v161 as compared to the turbos v160 tranny ( I may have the numbers switched cant remember off the top of my head but they were sequential) I contacted a dealer I know out of PC beach who imports alot of high dollar jap spec shit and he said he can this exact tranny for me for 1500. I was wondering if anyone else has done this swap..but looking at the gear ratios and the final drive I believe I will also have to bring in a jap spec rear end too....anyone ever heard of anything like this.
It seems like a great idea to me.
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I never heard of this before...keep us posted of your project:)
Hell yea... that sounds sweet... I wish we did have the 6-speed, a double overdrive would help alot on the highway... 4 grand at 80 is NO fun... hehe
that does sound like a cool swap!! free post! and Merry christmas everyone! :D
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