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6 Speed on Non-Turbo Engine?

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I don't own an MKIV, nor is this stuff going into one, but I'm thinking of putting a 2JZ-GE from an SC-300 that I found into a 240Z for an autocross project (haven't bought either yet :D ). But anyway, will a 6sp tranny from a MKIV Turbo fit onto the 2JZ-GE? Should I look for a 2JZ-GTE head for it too? Thanks for your help.

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This is a very bad idea, since the factory 5 speed is geared for the 200 Horsepower naturally apsirated Supra. To install the six speed requires changing the entire driveline, and when complete, the car will respond slower than with the factory 5 speed or automatic. However, there is a 6-speed transmission for the NA MKIV. Although they weren't offered on the american version, so it would probably be quite hard to acquire one. Even if you were able to obtain one, there might be fitment issues.

The 2JZ-GTE head will not fit the 2JZ-GE
Dont let it discourage you. I have done a lot of research and am in the process of doing it on my na-t it involves changing out everything from the flywheel back through the differential. It wont respnd slower but will have a very short first gear. If you arent turbo-ing for big power, there really isnt a need to do it. The N/a tranny is a very capable one. It will handle up to around 450 or so with the right clutch.
as far as the gte head. there really isnt a big reason to swap heads, It can be done but the na head is known to flow better.
This is why Vinny Ten is running it on his drag car.
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