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6 speed swap AND passenger rear axle doesnt fit!

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Im in middle of my 6 speed swap and ive read over and over how the 98 NA passanger side rear axle will fit a 6 speed rear diff.........WRONG it doesnt fit nor do the bolts, it doesnt line up and the bolts are to small compared to the TT axles. Did I read this all wrong or am I crazy? Also will a GS300 axle work? Any alternatives will help me alot
Thanks ahead
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maybe you got the wrong axle
I bought a Driver side TT axle and it fits fine, Did I need the Passanger axle instead? Im ordering a new one any way but I heard the GS one fits.....any help!!!
I've been running the N/A axles with the 6spd diff for 8 months now. Done two track events like this and am doing another next week.

You sure you got a Supra 6spd diff? Post a picture and I can tell you.
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