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After trying everything to get into the 14's and getting frustrated, I just floored the gas and let her rip. I got a my best 60ft times (2.09sec to 2.10?sec) bouncing off the rev limiter and dropping the clutch I would absolutely torch the tires in 1st gear riding the rev limiter until i gained enough foward motion (road speed), power shiting 2nd and spinning most of 2nd. Power shifts on 3rd and 4th just before the finish line. These runs resulted in consistent [email protected]+mph. This was over 4 years ago on a COMPLETELY stock car with aproxmately 22000 miles on the car, 225-50-16 tires on 16x8 rear wheels (car is "jap spec" left hand drive)
This practice resulted in a broken differential after 6 or 7 passes.
Now with a cat back exhaust and air intake and 275-40-17 on 17x10 3 piece Enkei's my 60ft is about 2.2-2.3sec with more convetional launching (sometimes slipping the clutch and dystroying several)
1/4 mile times have fallen back to a best of [email protected] averaging [email protected]+mph
The wider taller tires allow me to pull on my friend's Na MKIV but I get passed mid 2nd gear once he stops spinnig on his stock size Wheels and tires.
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