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Took a trip out of state to get into a little fun...

The EVO ended up running a '86 Toyota Pickup(1JZ, T04, nitrous)
a bolt-on 2002 Formula
LT1 Camaro(stall, and no telling wut else), MT Radials on the back, skinnies up front
played around a little with a R1(EVOs nitrous was off, didn't get to get a run in with the EVOs nitrous on and the R1 with/without the bottle)
WRX wagon vs STi
Hemi Ram vs Powerstroke Harley Davidson Truck
and some other non-sense

will get the HEMI race and a few others up in a bit, but here are just some of the EVOs run for now(had both cameras out, so there are definetly some better views of the runs, just saving them for later use )

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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