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I have decided that I need to put my money into other things than the beast currently in my garage. Here are the particulars:
-1990 Turbo Targa, Red/Gray
-270K KMs
-Second owner, first owner was some lady in Victoria.
-No accidents on record that I know of, I've replaced the front bumper once but that's it. Unfortunately there is another scratch on the front bumper :(
-5 speed

-HKS DP + test pipe
-Shortened Shifter
-Auto window-up mod (you really don't know what you're missing without this mod!)
-Pioneer crap stereo
-JVC graphic equalizer minus the graphic (the display is shot but the unit works)
-PG 150w amp for stock speakers
-Alpine V12 amp for 15" sub and 2 10" subs in a custom color matched carpeted box that allows for the Targa to fit in the trunk still

Not installed:
-H&R Springs (bought it used, about 900 km on them, have not installed yet)
-ARP Head Bolts (bought used, about 2k km, never installed)
-Original intake
-Original exhaust (currently stored at a shop in Langley)

The paint I would consider in fair condition, it has been parked outside for its entire life up til last summer. This is evident from the paint fading on many panels. I've done the whole cut polish/wax thing, and it makes a HUGE difference.

There is some rust in the front splashguard area, which is a common problem I've heard.

Both front seats have a tear in them and are currently covered with custom made cloth seat covers. Driver seat rip is along the seam on the left back side, passenger seat rip is right at the crotch (don't ask). Back seats are in fairly new condition.

I've owned the car for almost 6 years now and have not had any indication of a BHG, which leads me to believe that I am extremely lucky, or the previous owner's mechanic knew enough to torque it down the first time it blew.
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