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what is your First & Last name?: Charlie Doe
-What is your email?: [email protected]
-What is your phone number? : 802-309-9978
-What is your City? : Milton
-What is your State? : VT
-What is your Zip code? : 05468

Everything has about 10k miles on it.

Delphi Injectors, Part# 17113742 750cc 2 ohm. Rochester/PTE/Delphi are all the same injectors just sold under different names. I never had any problems with them. They were used with a powerhouse racing fuel rail. Just removed a few days ago. I was going to upgrade them to larger injectors after maxing these out with my new turbo, but since I had to pull my intake manifold for other reasons; I figured I would just do it now while it was all apart. I bought the exact same injector 250cc larger (Delphi 1000cc 17113744). I also run these same injectors in my 3000gt. - $250 shipped to US 48

Turbonetics 61mm Journal Bearing turbo - I believe this is what use to come on the PHR Stage 1 turbo kits. T4, divided, 4" inlet, 3" vband outlet, 2" IC outlet. It came on my car (original sale ad here: '95 Supra - Super white TT built auto - 86k miles) No in/out shaft play. There is a tiny bit side to side if you really push on it. It was ran with a 4AN oil supply and 10AN oil return. I'll include a 10AN oil drain adaptor fitting with it. - $400 shipped to US 48. I'll do $600 shipped if you buy the injectors with them.

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