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Bought an '84 P-type last July, and since then I've been building up a large supply of parts in order to turbo it.

Here's my parts list

- low milage 6M-GE
- cometic 1.2mm mhg
- ARP head studs
- Spec stage 3 clutch
- bosch recirc. valve
- Rabidchimp SS turbo oil lines and clutch line

- 2.5" aluminized hardpipes
- used intercooler (not exactly sure what its from.. came with the engine)
- silicone couplers and T bolt clamps

Fuel / engine management
- Megan racing afpr
- MkIV TT fuel pump
- Megasqurt V1 (running MSnS-E fuel only)
- Innovate LC-1 wideband
- 440cc 7M-GTE injectors
- Vacuum advance dizzy from '82
- MSD coil

- 3:73 rebuilt with tru-trac
- w58 (will see how it holds up this summe, will most likely go R154 eventually)

- KYB AGX adjustable front struts / rear shocks
- QA1 400 lb./in. front coilovers
- Custom rate 250 lb/in. rear springs
- 935 motorsports 40mm RCAs
- rear crossmember camber mod
- Super pro crossmember to chassis bushings

- KVR cross drilled rotors
- KVR carbon fiber pads
- stainless steel brake lines
- quick bleeders

I'm attempting to build it up as a well balanced car, since I'll be doing both drag and autoX racing regularly all summer, so some compromises have to be made unless the car is being built for specifically for one style of racing, but its my goal to have a very versatile setup.

I'll keep this thread updated with photos as I get this car built up and running over the next couple weeks.


Stainless steel lines:

Head (currently being refinished for MHG)

repainted valve covers

Turbo and 3" downpipe

Aluminum polishing in progress:

the car its all going in:

new wheels - ARE 16x7 front , 16x8 rear

Megasquirt.. setting up and testing

Almost all of the parts have arrived, just waiting on the shipping for a few more things and its all finally coming together!

way over budget
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That's gonna be an awesome setup once it's all done. My buddy's got the MS also with spark though on his 90T and it's so cool. I was making fun of his crappy throttle response while I was revving the car when the car was sitting warming up and he didn't like that, about a minute later it was at least twice as responsive. Good luck.
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