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I've been going insane for the last 3 days trying to find valves for these damn JDM wheels. The hole in my rim is ~6mm and well I don't really want to risk drilling it out bigger just yet. I keep calling shops asking if they have something to fit a 6mm, and they usually say yeah they have something that will work and I end up leaving work early or taking long lunches to go there only for them to shop me a ~10mm stem enkei style valve. I just recently found these online
and they are exactly what I need but at $19 a pop they ain't cheap. Anyone know another place where I can get these valves?

And yes, a presta bicycle valve does fit but not as tight as I'd like. It did seal quite well for a while but then I gave the stem a very light wiggle to check for air bubbles and it just wouldn't seat again.
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