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6spd bpu time from this weekend!

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well, I'm pretty happy with my cars performance, especially since the change in temperature :)

this past weekend my bpu supra broke into the 11's!!!

11.9 @ 121.97 mph with a 2.0 60ft ( I know, workin on the 60fts)

I decided to let my buddy take it for a pass

he nails a 1.75 60ft on my drag radials and hits an
11.7 @ 120.34 mph!!!!

not too bad on a bpu 6spd!

just wanted to share my joy with all my fellow owners :)

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Great times man! What are your mods?? I am always interested in mods on any BPU cars that click off 11 second passes. I am BPU+++ and will be trying to get my first 11 second pass this weekend if weather permits. My best so far is a 12.08 with a 1.73 60ft. Wish me luck. Peace!
My mods are
bcc, hks intake, rmm dp, rm exhaust, custom cold air box, hks ez, and some free mods, also with nitto dr's. That was on 100octane too.

Over the winter the car will get a few +'s added to it.
cam gears, fmic, and fuel controller.

Good luck!!! these temps should definitely get you into the 11's!!!

It was a fun day... Now you just gotta learn to abuse your car yourself, Chris, and you'll be all set. ;) Seriously, launching a 6spd with drag radials on a decently prepped track on the stock suspension is a piece of cake, as long as you clutch lasts more than a pass or two. :D Can't complain about running an 11.9 yourself, though, incredible.

Nice times Chris, your car looked awesome. I still can't believe you let that Ron guy drive it :) That guy is pretty good at breaking parts you know?

thanks larry, and pete!!!
I wish I got on tape the first pass your sp car made. The announcer was like, "these are pretty quick cars, those toyota supras" then you made the 9 second pass and during it he was yelling "holy cow!!! I had now idea those cars were that fast!!"
We all started to bust out laughing.

pete, sorry to hear about your diff. but like you said, now ya just have a reason to get the TRD diff ;)

Well, I took a chance and let MR Gaan drive my car, and he pulled through like a champ!! I think I found out what I was doing wrong. Lets hope I can fix it.

thanks again guys, nice to see ya at the track.

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