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Mods/Admins, Im sorry about making another thread. Can you merge this one and the other one together? I made this one because I want the title of the thread to include what is being sold, So more people will look at it.

Alrighty, I have a automatic transmission out of my turbo MK3 with only 76k miles on it. Tranny had new fluid put in at 73k miles. This is a low mileaged tranny and that is why the price reflects it. THis is also a USDM tranny. not a JDM.

Im looking for 300 Shipped.

Or 200 pick up.

Tranny is still in/on the car. Im going to take it off tomorrow and I will have pics for it. I will include the stock torque converter.

Paypal is [email protected]. Please include paypal fee's if you are wanting me to ship it. If you want to pick it up locally, you can just pay in person with cash, if thats cool with you

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