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To register my car, I need to take some pictures of the engine serial number so I can get a duplicate of some official paperwork.

From what I can tell from reading online, these are stamped into the block on the exhaust side. However, there's quite a bit of stuff in the way (alternator, exhaust manifold, turbo, ...)

Is there an easy way to get to it? Would an endoscope camera be able to reach it without taking everything appart?
And if I do need to take it appart, which parts need to come off to reach the serial number imprint?

Thanks for any info you can provide!

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The SN is along the skirt of the block under the CPS/Distributor area, just below the oil pressure sensor.

Good luck with getting your Supra registered! 馃嵑


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Exhaust side, on a machined flat spot just right of the oil filter mount and a little left of the power steering pump mount bracket. There's typically too much stuff in the way to get a good picture with a phone but the endoscope should do the trick
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