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7m labor cost

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hey my friend wants to put a 7mgte in his mk2 and he doesn't want to instal it himself so im wondering how much would it cost to have a shop install it for him? thanks
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Talk to Don Culbertson about his 7MGTE conversion. Check out here for his email address.

He does these up in Washington. Last time I heard they were $5300 (labor/parts) drive in drive out. He does a really nice job on his conversions, no hack jobs. I think altogether he's done about 6 of them, plus a few more are supposed to be happening this year. Other than that Toysport in Southern, Ca would be the 2nd choice. Probably not any cheaper and it would be of unknown quality. I can vouch that Dons work is top notch after seeing it in Vegas last year.

Aaron I
wow 5 g's how much if we already had the engine and stuff and just wanted him to put it in? but OT so u live in stockon ay? what type of mods do u have on ur mk2? aim me on falcon16fj and we can talk.

My friend and I did this one.....he's the brains, not me.
That's a pretty engine. THere is a shop here in Austin that will do the install for $1600, that's if you provide all the parts. Very reputable, and they do a very clean install. The owner has a fully built 7M powered MKII, with a T-72 I believe, and he is just waiting on putting a new fuel system in so he can crank up the boost. He'll be looking at about 600+ HP.:D
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