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i just pulled the head off of the 7mgte. guess what, headgasket looks great pistons on the other hand... are toast. looks like detonation bad in 2,3 and 5. there are chunks missing from the pistons, but 1 4 and 6 look perfect, useually problems are in 1 and 6 so i dunno, i think it would be odd if 3 injectors failed at the same time, that doesnt sound right, look like i'mm be getting some forged pistons and boreing the 7m out, this is gonna put a big dent in how long this takes. looks like i'll have to start whoreing for overtime at work, i got 60 hours this week :) :(

alright guys, wheres it at for pistons? je's are to much, ross arent bad, does weisco make 7m pistons? i think 6 custom pistons from them are in the range of what shelf stock je's cost.

also, i'll probly have to bore, how thick are the walls on the 7m
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