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85celica supra.. turbo???

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hi, i have 85 celica supra and im looking into turbo modification.

I have researched around for turbo manifold but i could not find it... anyone know here about the manifold? and some friend of mine told me that 7mgte manifold fits... is this true??
thank you very much.
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i think there are some people that are running an aftermarket turbo system, but most people just swap in a 7MGTE motor because it handles the power easy and more efficently
is there any possible way that i can find turbo manifold for this vehicle or do i have to really do a swap?
Good god. Have you really searched? It's a very common mod to bolt up the 7mgte exhaust manifold to the 5m/6m head.

If you had looked into the MkII tech section you would find this stuck thread.

Also, check out in the forums and FAQ sections.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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