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86.5 Won't Start or anything with key in ignition

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I parked my car at work today. Went out to go to lunch, put the key in the ignition and nothing. No chime with the door open, no courtesy lights, nothing!! The battery is fine, headlights turn on so do the flashers. Got out and locked the car. Unlocked it and got in, it started. Silly me, I shut is off and it won't start again. Let it sit. After work, I went back and unlocked the door, I turned the key the wrong way and the alarm went off. Turned it the other way and it unlocked. Got in and still no electrical. Lights still work and the flashers, but nothing else. The security light is not lighting either.
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Got it started, but.....

While trying to get it started, a person came over and asked if I needed a jump. I told him my problem and he suggested to ground out the system by disconecting the positive battery cable and holding it against the negative for a few seconds. That got it started. I immediately drove it home. On the way, everytime I would touch the brakes, the radio would flash off then on and the dash lights would go off then on. When I got home, I turned it off, and it wouldn't start again....What the Heck is Goin On????
Sounds like you got a bad ground in your system somewhere. Check the cables for broke or fraid wires.
Yes i agree, check your ground wire that goes to the battery.

Make sure it's tight and clean ff the terminal on the battery and possible re route the wire. Also check whatever you have just modded, make sure it's ground is allright
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