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i think this thread vanish on me or something, so im starting it all over again....

i bought a '87 Supra turbo, 5 speed, targa all for $500 complete. i bought it for the whole entire drivetrain. the 7MGTE, the 5speed, driveshaft and rearend. i wont start on the swaps and rebuilds till early next year. have some bills i need to pay off first. once ive taken the parts i need, i would be selling the car w/o tranny and engine for bout $100 or what not. the engine has been rebuild but 6 years ago, but the rebuilder was drunk and got the rod caps on backwards. so the motor has bout 10 +/- miles on it. so the car has sat at a shop for bout 6 years. the body is straight, some minor body moldings is missing. just minor. just wanna let you guys know what im getting into in the next few months. and im shooting for bout 400rwhp!! oh yeah!!
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