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Hey guys just wanted to show off my about a year ago I picked up my 88 NA, I began doing a lot of research into building a mid 300hp fun street car. As I read more and more my hopes began to get crushed trying to accept the cost to benefit of building an NA to my power goal. Fast forward to now, it seem That my late night Craigslist searches might have paid off and my hopes and dreams may begin to come true. I now have acquired a white 89 7mgte for only 800 Canadian pesos :)

A quick run down of what's in each car;
Black 88:
-Stock 7mge with w58
  • NA LSD rear
  • 16" Advan Oni's
-installed tein flex z
-installed cube short shifter
-installed a Frankenstein of a quick release hub comprising of a NRG shorthub to a momo quick release and Sparko steering wheel. Even made the horn work by sauldering on a solid wire to the horn ring.

White 89:
-stock 7mgte ( not running)
-turbo LSD
  • sunroof :)
  • HKS super dragger exhaust

Now I'm looking on your guys opinion or anyone that's been in a similar position what you would do.

I plan on pulling out the 7mgte to take a look at what happened, the person I got I from said the engine might be seized as it's sat for 4 years ( I suspect from a BHG)

So essentially the white 89 which I thought would be my donor car might be the one that I build, my only hesitation on that is the slight underbody rust which my black 88 has none...i guess a little steel and a welder can fix that.

Let my know what you guys think.

I will make another thread when I begin gutting the enginebay with pics so dummys like me can pull out their motor using a pictorial.
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