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What is your First & Last name? Thomas Hoopes
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Ad Description:


I have a 1988 Supra Turbo (AT) with Targa top (Color GRAY)

I'll start with the bad:

Engine runs very rich, turbo is not spooling, which has some considerable shaft play. I recently had installed new BOV and return (original was shot and was not returning) but it did not seem to act correctly after that (perhaps needed some tuning). Definitely not something I am good at!

There is no audio system in the vehicle, but all other stock electronics work.

Slight discolorations on the hood from a previous owner who had blown a rod which caused the engine wiring harness to catch flame and I assume also caused some paint damage, but it's cosmetic damage only.

-Power steering fluid reservoir has a crack in it and empties when used, replace or remove...
-Oil pan leaks due to the wrong sealer used (previous owner). it drove fine like this and did not leak tremendously, but definitely something needing attention.
-Because of awkward scenario involving the turbo and engine rich, I'm assuming a sensor or two to be out or something not tweaked properly.
-MAF sensor was problematic (had crack) which is the source of the issues it's having
-Injectors coated with oil because of how rich the engine was running, mixtures were off.
-Valve cover gasket may be in need of replacement
-Catalyst may or may not be bad
-Cat converter soot
-O2 sensor needs replaced.

The good:
General -
Power everything, polished engine parts, weather seals are good AFAIK. There are a few tiny spots of rust where metal flashing meets the body near windows.

engine -
The engine is a JDM 7MGTE, wiring harnesses replaced with American. Clean title (no wrecks or natural disasters). Under 60k miles on the JDM, under 160k on the chasis.
-spark plugs replaced (new)

Emissions -
It did pass CA smog before the turbo went, so it's good for another year.

I caught up with my mechanic who was servicing the vehicle. Basically he explained that through his sources the costs of fixing would be more than it's worth, however someone with some background may have a better go at it. It runs ok without MAF plugged in and turbo not spooling (can be moved around) but is not road worthy at this point. To make it road worthy one would need to replace MAF sensor, injectors, and turbo (mainly). Other parts may be needed at this point but i have neither the expertise nor money to figure it out myself or through other means.

Offer -
I am offering it for $2000 US (purchased for $4000 right about when we got the smog done) AS IS. I may be willing to part out if I cannot find a buyer within 60 days.

Please pardon my low post count, I do frequent the forums in search of many ideas and read many threads, I'm just not very knowledged in the vehicle enough to post very much. I am trustworthy and can answer any questions you may have.
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