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88 targa turbo $1700 albuquerque

hey i got a 2 owner 238,xxx car for sale all stock ex cut springs
the car was purchased buy a lady here in albuquerque new in 88
i have all recepits or most heres what it NEEDS that i know of
the front end is a little loose from the cut springs it NEEDS a
speedo cable,dr side molding i have the old one it does use some oil it will smoke on start up if it sits with out runing for a few days
the roof does NOT leak nor does the hatch i have the targa tool kit
aswell i have lots of pics i dont know how ot post them on here
it was compression tested two mnths ago at 140-155 psi on all cyl
im looking to get $ obo willing to make deals<--- for it please contact me for pic or Q's
thanks for looking
[email protected]
505-261-2555 ask for MaT
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