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Ben Koetterhagen
Four1four.4seven7.five5one0 (text preferred)

$12k - with Enkei GTC01’s - FIRM
$13k - with Work Equip 05’s - FIRM
Serious inquiries only. Proof of funds will be necessary.

It is finally time for the original 2JZUL8R to find a new home. I have been the proud owner since Nick sold her to me in May of 2011, and unfortunately, I just don’t drive her enough to warrant keeping her. I have taken care of the vehicle as best I could, and last August I spent $5k to have Reid and the staff at Sound Performance revive her a bit and provide her with a proper 93 octane tune. Still, she’s not in perfect, and I will be completely transparent in the vehicle’s condition. I believe I have priced her to sell quite fairly and quickly, which is why I am firm on the price.

Links to the youtube walkaround/startup video and photo album are at the bottom of the post.

From front to back, here is the current state of the vehicle:
1. Front Lip: The front lip is torn on the driver side.
2. Headlights: Since I purchased the car from Nick, the height that the headlights come up has been finicky. I haven’t driven her much at night, but when I have, I would often have to twist the stalk back and forth from on to off to get the lights to the necessary level (so that they aren’t pointing too high or too low). This is likely something that someone more mechanically inclined than I can easily correct.
3. Engine: This thing is a beast! Sound Performance tuned it last August to 480 RWHP and 425 RWTQ at 17psi. I can’t help but smile when I do drive it, as the power comes on so fricken hard. It is an amazing vehicle to drive.
4. Starter: I used to have issues in that she occasionally wouldn’t start (click only), but she would eventually start after a few tries. Since I got her back from Sound Performance in August, 2017, I haven’t had that issue.
5. Transmission: Downshifting into 2nd is difficult without rev matching. I have a marlin crawler shift fork that needs to be installed.
6. Suspension: Handling is superb, as is the ride height on the Tein SS Coils.
7. Steering: The steering requires more effort than a newer vehicle. Sound Performance examined it and found no issues.
8. Wheels: The stance and fitment are near perfection. Work Equips with lip for days, what more is there to want?
9. Interior: The interior of this car is clean, and it is a nice place to be. While the heat does work, the A/C does not. Both power windows work, however sometimes the driver side switch for the passenger window won’t put the window up.
10. Targa: From day 1 it has leaked. I can’t remember driving it in the rain, but I do remember that it will leak badly in touchless carwashes when the pressurized spray is directly at the window/targa seam. Does any MKIII targa not leak? I did have Sound Performance replace the targa weatherstripping (spent way too much on it), but I have not tested the seal since then.
11. Paint: Don’t get me wrong, the car still looks beautiful (as you can see in the pics and video from 3/18), but it does need some attention. There are some scratches and imperfections, and it doesn’t have that smooth feel to the touch, but that’s probably due to it needing an exterior detailing. I note these things in the youtube walkaround video.
12. Wing: The whale tail was a bit loose, and that caused some frictional damage to the paint below it (not visible unless the hatch is up). Sound Performance fixed the mounting points.
13. Exhaust: Personally, I love the subtle sportiness of the HKS Sport Twin Tip exhaust. It allows me to hear the engine and turbo, and doesn’t have any freeway drone.

Engine Specifications:
AEM UEGO Wideband
GReddy T88-33D
GReddy Type-CH Wastegate
Precision 1200cc Mitsu Fuel Injectors (new 8/2017)
GReddy Type R Intercooler
GReddy Downpipe
GReddy Intake
GReddy Timing Belt
GReddy Heat Shield
HKS Cam Gears
HKS Camshafts 264 Intake & Exhaust
HKS Fuel Rail
HKS Sport Twin Tip 3” Catback Exhaust
HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
HKS Twin Power DLI
Walbro Fuel Pump (new 8/2017)
Danstoy Intercooler piping
Danstoy Exhuast Manifold
Exedy Twin Plate Clutch
Exedy Lightened Flywheel
Earls -6 Fuel Lines
Earls Fuel Line Fittings
Earls Dual Fuel Filters
1JZ Bell Housing
TRD Oil Cap
TRD Radiator cap
Yashiro Factory Intercooler block off plate
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge
Denso Copper Sparks
Optima Yellow Top Battery
MVP Top Radiator Pipe
Koyo Aluminum Radiator

Suspension, wheels & tires:
Enkei GTC01
Front 18x8.5
Rear 18x9.5
Work Equip Wheels
Front 18x9.5 +28 Offset
Rear 18x10.5 +28 Offset
Kumho Ecsta PS91 Front 235/40-18, Rear 265/35-18 (all new 8/2017)
Endless Brake Pads
Tein SS Coilovers w/Pillow mounts
Brembo Cross Drilled/Slotted Rotors
Earls Stainless Steal Brake Lines

Recaro Speed Seats
Momo Steering Wheel
TRD Shift Knob
Pioneer Nav Head Unit
AutoPower Racing Harness (removed, but included)
Titan Motorsports Harness Bar (removed, but included)
Viper Alarm

Bomex Type 1 Lip
Bomex Carbon Fiber Side Skirts (only set ever made 1 of 1)
Bomex Carbon Fiber Rear Skirts (only set ever made 1 of 1)
Bomex Whale Tail
Authentic Stout Carbon Fiber Hood
ShineAuto S2 Carbon Airguide
Carbon Headlight covers
Custom Low/High Hella 90mm Headlights (DOT Legal)
Custom Widebodied fenders
Euro Turn Signals

I also have a container full of miscellaneous items that is included. You can see the contents in the album. Val 1 remote radar detector not included.

ALWAYS garage kept! (with Nick and with me)

Thank you everyone. Now let’s find her a suitable home.


Youtube walkaround and start up, with commentary:
Picture album:

Links to past 2JZUL8R threads:



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No worries about the oil on the driveway. Those spots are from my work vehicle, Ford Edge. The only vehicle I trusted a drive thru oil change to...

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Wow Ben, this is a KILLER deal for what you bought it for and some of the work you have put into it as well!!

Timing for me is off as I would LOVE to buy it back. But I do hope whoever does scoop it up takes as good care of it as you have. As you said needs some TLC here and there but overall she looks great and is A LOT of fun to drive!

Edit: And GREAT choice on the HKS sport exhaust. Rare item and agree a quieter exhaust is the way to go.

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I have an interested party from SM that is trying to secure funds. She might be heading to the East coast.
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