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Got an 89 NA Supra who makes a bit of lifter noise at start up, oil pressure is good at 65-80psi at start up. Have added Marvel's oil to it, 4oz per oil change on the last 2 changes(Mobil 1 synthetic), but I still hear the ticking noise. The Marvels usually made the noise go away in my Z cars, but not this Supra.

What should I do next? Replace the lifters? And what else while I'm there, or should I be looking at something else entirely? About how much $ and time am I looking at here?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!!

89 Supra
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(Sorry I posted this on another board before putting it here, new here)

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The 7M has inverted buckets and shims (no hydraulic lash adjusters). All you can do is check the valve clearances and make sure they are in spec.

You don't quote mileage, but it is likely that you have some clearance issues in your cam bearings. As they open up with time the oil pressure to the rear bearings starts to drop because the single oil feed is at the front of the head. This accelerates the wear. Startup clatter occurs until oil gets pumped to the rear cam bearings and then they settle down. Not a whole lot you can do about it since the journals ride directly on the head. Some people suggest to cut the cam bearing caps to get back into spec.
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