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I have an 89 Supra shell and some other parts that I plan to cut up and send to the scrap yard in a week. I've listed prices, but if you think they should be cheaper, make me an offer. I may be willing to ship some smaller items, but larger items are pick up only.

brand new Power Slot slotted rottors front and rear sets ($250)
brand new Goodrich stainless steel braided brake lines front and rear sets ($70)
tail lights ($30)
(2) power steering racks ($20 ea.)
front cross member ($10)
front lower control arms ($10 ea.)
brake booster and master cylinder ($20)
set of front splash guards ($20)
set of brake hard lines ($10)
anti-lock brake valve body ($20)
front and rear wiper motors ($10 ea.)
driver and passenger power window motors ($10 ea.)
hood (SOLD)
gas door ($20)
door hinges ($20)
driver side and passenger side doors ($20 ea.)
hatch with wing ($30)
driver side and passenger side fenders (SOLD)

If you come with cash in hand, I may just start giving stuff away to free some space. I can cut sheet metal from the car too, if you need things like the rad support, rear quarters, etc. PM or email [email protected] if interested.

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Hows the P/S Rear quarter look, any rust over the wheel arch?

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Passenger side rear quarter is in primer with no rust, but was repaired by the previous owner after a passenger side track wall incident. I have no idea what is under the primer. It was a track car, so if I had to take a guess, there is some bondo involved. If it was the driver side, I'd be more confident on it's condition. I plan to go to the shop tomorrow and start cutting some parts off, so if you want me to investigate the passenger side rear quarter, I'd be happy to dig into it.
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