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Well, I found an 89 Turbo and have begun restoring and modifying her. Some oxidation and rough paint that needed some correction and a few things need addressed. I have started amassing some parts to undertake a significant transformation!
1. replaced front lower ball joints
2. Spark plugs
3. Driftmotion Downpipe
4. Blitz Nur Spec exhaust
5. CPS/timing adjustment(wasn’t even registering on the crank timing pointer!
6. Retorque exhaust manifold bolts(all loose and bad exhaust leak)
7. Purchased 350Z track rotors, Mercedes S500 calipers and lines for front brake upgrade
8. Purchased spare steering wheel to have refurbished(will post pictures and vendor once completed)
9. Purchased refurbished head, ordered stage 2 Crower Cams, purchased BC springs and retainers for new cams when they arrive.
10. Hours and hours of wet sanding And polishing to revive the Dark Blue Pearl paint
11. Purchased spare valve covers to have powdercoated
12. Car has FIPK already installed
13. Aeromotive fuel pump install
14. Fuel filter replacement

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