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Bought a clean red '89 turbo supra, and it had rod smack....(Much worse than knock) :ugh2:, anyways I bought a 30,to 60k motor from Junior at PPI in Burien wash. I m now in the process of removing the blown motor, and have delveloped a few questions. I would like to know if it possible to unbolt the auto tranny from the motor without removing the whole thing..
Also I would likeot know if there are any special techniques for removing the upper half of the intake manifold? I am only stuck on these two things. Any other advie any one has would be greatly appreciated....

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The upper part of the intake manifold should be pretty straight-forward. Just make sure everything is disconnected (wires, hoses, etc) and there should just be 5 bolts and 2 nuts to take off. (see this link: ).

I've never messed with the auto tranny, but if it is anything like the manual one in how hard it is to get off, then it is easier to remove the engine with the tranny still attached to the block. You just have to angle it a little. But if you want to keep it in the car for whatever reason, we were able to get to the top bolts with some long extensions and universals. You might unbolt the tranny from the car and let it come down a little on a block of wood or something so you can reach the bolts.

Hope that helps. BTW, the Supra TSRM is invaluable:

as well as the tech tip section of that site:
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