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I'm not sure if I'm misinterpretting this. I wouldnt put 315's on a 10 inch wide rim. You would never see the full contact patch. Most people use at least an 11 inch rim, 10.5 inch is borderline. You'd be better off buying the right size tire for a 10 inch wide rim. I think 295's should fit well


les said:
I have seen a few posts of guys with 265 and 315 tires front and rear on 9.5f,11r. I was wondering if this setup is the ideal-how is the handling compared to the charactaristic supra upgrade of 9front 10rear. Are their any disadvantages. How low can the car be lowered with this set-up. And lastly are there any other companies that make rims in the same width as Forgeline. Thanks in advance for any replies
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