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90000tune-up and timing belt change

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wassup everyone. im fairly new to supras, just bought an NA baltic blue mkiv after i totaled my 2000stang GT. i was wondering if it would be better for me to take my car to another shop rather than to a toyota dealer. i heard some horror stories about them not knowing nething about supras and when i asked them how much replacing my timing belt was on a 94 supra, they asked if it was a 4 cylinder!!? oh and i havent reached 90k but wat is included in the 90k tuneup, and wat would u recommend me doing? (oh and im from Orange County/LA if there are ne good places around here) thanks
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welcome to our world!

glad to hear you finally got your head on straight and got a supra over the stang... hehe, just kidding...

i just did 60k service for my car... all fluids, timing belt, new plat. plugs... $580! toyota of Cerritos. The thing is, the Serivce Advisor/Consultant (or whatever they're called), you know, the guys that ask you what's up with the car, "how can i help you today," and start your paperwork. They don't service your car, the mechnics do. if you get a chance, talk to the mechanic. There's a guy, Steve, at Cerritos that's pretty good, I've been going to Cerritos Toyota since I got my car (June '98). I've seen a couple other supra's go in and out of there... so I have a feeling the mechanics at Cerritos have experience with Supras. At 30k, i did a tune up and had the engine flushed... i'll probably do that again at 90k... cost me less than $400 (the paperwork is around here somewhere). Gotta take care of my baby. :D

btw... the timing belt is recommended every 60k miles. if the previous owner has the old paperwork, you should check that out.

good luck... and welcome to the family!
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cerritos at toyota huh? thanks alot. yeah, my car was one owner and the lady who drove it has all the paperwork, but i cant find nething about the timing belt so im replacing it just incase. haha and ur right about the stang thing, you cant compare it to a supra
Went to the local import hot rod shop, & although the attending gearhead was not hot on n/a's I have to attest that there is a special quality about them. :D I guess thease other straight line greasers will never know unless they try a real quality car!:cool:
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