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I've got some 5 spokes off of my 91. they are a little scratched, but nothing a little paint wouldn't fix. they aren't bent nor is there any big curb rash. All the center caps are present. 350 obo.

edit: wrong account, this is lowbudgettarga

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more stuff and pictures

I'm selling these, not snowmongoose. Didn't see he was logged in.
got pictures now.

also have some more stuff for sale.
-2 blown ct26's, no lines, only one has the actuator on it. $50 each
-1 ct26 with lines that didn't smoke. DOES have shaft play and some death wine aver 10 psi, wouldn't use it for long if at all. $75.
-stock afm, works fine. removed for maftpro. $50
-Stock inftercooler and pipes, also a lower 2.5" crush bent lower pipe. comes with a bosch bpv and a stock bpv. There is a mounting bracket not included, but shouldn't be a big dea. $100
-Stock oil cooler, not all lines, but some included (pictured) $20
All prices are abo. Pick-up preferred so shipping not included in any prices.
Turbo's and afm

Intercooler and pipes

oil cooler
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