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Because of my other project getting slowed down because of my MR2 project, I am thinking of selling the 2. As much as I hate to, Summer is coming and I'm ready to complete the Supra as far as I can. While I'm not in a hurry to sell it, I would like to have it sold by the end of spring. Plus's and Minus's are to follow:

I bought the car at 134K. At the time, the car ran great, but had a leaking exhaust manifold gasket. When I went to replace the manifold and gasket, I found the previous owner had done a hack job on the cylinder head, breaking studs, using the wrong ones, installing who knows what. It was at this point after seeing the damage to the cylinder head, I decided to do a complete rebuild. The engine has be completed rebuild with factory Toyota rods/pistons/rings/mains/thrusts/cylinder head. Here's a list of other new parts:

Toyota Alternator
Toyota Ebrake cables
Toyota Shift cables
Toyota seals, all turbo seals, everything from the valve cover to the Toyota RTV for the oil pan.
Toyota Belts
Toyota cap/rotor/wires/plugs
Toyota exhaust manifold
Toyota A/C button
Toyota O2 Sensor

Everything on the car as far as engine seals during the rebuild was replaced, including the HFH and the HFH2.

The mods are as follows:
3,000 mile CT20b from a respected forum member here.
3" Berk Tech Downpipe
2.75" Tanabe "B" Pipe
Greddy SP Exhaust (very quiet)
Apexi Power Intake
New Yokohoma ES100 Tires. (less then 100 miles on them)
Defi BF 60mm Boost Gauge
Tokico 5-way's

During the rebuild, I removed all the intake/intercooler plumbing and cleaned it in our Cuda parts cleaner were I work. The Valve cover is painted bright silver metallic and looks nice with red plug wires. The Transmission fluid has been changed to GM Syncomesh and the oil has been changed first after 100 miles, then 500, then 1000 miles till now, except the first with Mobil one 5w30 and factory Toyota filter. The Timing belt/roller tensioner has been changed as well as the waterpump/themostat at 129K.

The car has never seen more then 15psi since rebuild. The 20b spools VERY fast with the 3" downpipe and provides the power the car needs to hit 60 in under 6 seconds at only factory boost levels. I run daily 10psi with 94 octane. It pulls VERY stong to redline and the power is very linear. The car shifts like new since the shift cables were replaced and adjusted and the clutch feels good with mid pedal engagement. I had both the A/C and steering wheel recalls performed so the wheel is new and the A/C works well.

The interior is in great shape, with no rips or tears in the cloth, carpet, or door panels. There is a slight fabric imprint on the drivers side seat bolster where it has been repaired, but you have to be looking to find it. All the Gauges work well, and the HVAC system works great. The Factory CD player works well, and all the speakers sound good with no distorting. All dash/console plastic is in great shape with no missing parts or discolored plastic. All the trim materials inside the car are in great shape. All the power feature work, including all the windows/door locks/mirrors/power antenna. The car does not leak any water.

The car outside is in good shape. No rust/large dents/missing trim. Most the paint is still shiny but the car could used buffed. The car doesn't look like it has ever been in accident. I have to say, for being a 15 year old car, the body work is holding up well.

The Previous owner had replaced the shocks with Tokico units, but has kept the stock springs. The undercarriage looks great, with no rust except some on the lower x-bar. This can be replaced in 20 minutes. There are no oil leaks. The car does not have power steering (a good thing) and is equipped with ABS and a Sunroof that works great. I have the original sunroof shade as well as the factory front plate holder. Please see the pictures for any other questions before you email me. I have the clear title in hand and the car has a clean carfax history. I have ALL receipts for everything I have just stated about the car, and will provide pictures of the rebuild at your request.


First and foremost, the car is NOT perfect. Is has several things that I would fix if I had more time. Remember, this car was my daily driver, my first issue was to get it running PERFECT before I started cosmetics. Here it goes:

The car has been repainted the original Toyota black. While the paint job isn't STELLAR, it's not bad. I would go as far as saying that the paint isn't perfect, but with a cut/buff/wax, it would look almost new. The car is 15 years old, what can I say. I have no idea when it was resprayed, but it's not the factory paint job, I do know that. There are a few spots were paint has come off from normal driving, behind the rear drivers side wheel, about a half inch inside the fender, on the front passenger side next to the fog lamp, about a half inch, and that's about it, give or take a few little spots on the front bumper.

The car needs a coolant temp sensor. I already ohmed it out, it fails the test. I might do this before I give it to the next owner, I just haven't had the time of late to do it.

The CD player will skip over slight bumps if you are using a "burnt" CD. Store bought ones are fine...funny how that works.

There is a slight air leak at the drivers door. I think it's the door seal around the window, but you only notice it at 65mph+.

The Trip odometer is inop.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are a few things I've missed, so if you have a questions, please feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

I live in Lancaster PA, outside of Philly and close to York. I'm about 2 hours from DC and an hour from Baltimore. The Car currently has 137K on the clock and is running perfect. I'd welcome anyone to drive it if they are serious about purchase. My asking price is 8000.00$ but I'm open to talk. I feel it's a fair price for what I've spent on it making it right. I'm not in a hurry to sell it, but I wanted to put it out there for anyone in the market. Pictures are to follow . Thanks for reading.


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phillyrollin said:
anybody have any idea how bad these are on insurance? am local and interested.
call up your insurance agent or do a quote online...

nice car!
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