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Posting for a good friend who has come across some family issues and needs to sell. He'd like 15k firm. This is the nicest R32 GTR you'll find for this price. I've drivin it and can vouch its very tight suspension and great power. I believe he dynoed around 320awhp

Item Description:Make/Model: Nissan Skyline GTR
>year: 1991
> Colour: R34 GTR Bayside blue
> Mileage: 72000km
So I have had this Car for some time and I am moving on to a house, this GTR is the ONLY bayside blue in WA that I know of, it has been very fun to have and is very fast. most of you Know about the car but if you have any questions please E-Mail me here or at [email protected]
I have lots of Photos so let me know
> This skyline has a CLEAN US title (and NO it was not titled as a KITCAR)...
I am open to some trades like an NSX, MK4 supra, other skylines, rx7, 350z tell me what you have. (if you car is NOT close to the same value please offer cash on top)
> Engine:

> Newer rebuild turbos
> SPL computer brain Central 20 ECU
> RS*R cat-back exhaust
> K&N air intakes
> Suspension/Drivetrain:
> Tein HR front coilovers
> Tokico rear coilovers
> 2 way LSD
> New clutch
> Nismo rear upper control arms
> Nismo rear lower control arms
> Nismo rear traction links
> Nismo front undercarriage brace
> Nismo rear undercarriage braces
> Aluminum subframe bushings
> Cusco front tension rods
> Steel braided brake lines
> New brake pads on front
> Front/Rear Strut bars
> VR4 Big breaks
> Exterior:
> Aftermarket hood
> Aftermarket front lip
> Nismo trunk lid lip
> Nismo bonnet lid lip
> R34 GTR spoiler
> volk racing cv-pro 17" rim with brand new tires (I may have other rims soon for it)
> Spacers front and back
> Interior:
> Saito 6 point roll cage with door bars
> Defi Boost gauge
> Defi Oil pressure gauge
> Defi Controller
> Apexi turbo timer
> Short shifter
> Nismo shift knob
> Personal racing steering wheel
> Razo racing pedal set
> Nismo white 320kph
> Nismo floor mats
> JVC Cd deck
> Upgraded speakers
> New radiator fluid
> New oil

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its absolutely beautiful, but at this time, medical treatments are greater than a skyline...I'd be surprised you'd have any trouble selling it....I would suggest you maybe put a price on there, just in case...You have some people that that have a hard time processing, and I know filtering bs offers get tiring...Good luck and maybe if good fortunes smile upon one of us, we'll be able to provide it an awesome home

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Is it one of the Motorex car's. . Do you have a copy of the Bond release from the NHTSB? Emission release from the EPA?. What and Where is the US Sub VIN# Is it a Canadian car? What R.I. brought it here? What makes it "50 State Legal" the Washington State Registration? Why are you only asking 15 for it when they are going for 10+ more then that? Why are you selling a GTR it isn't like it was a easy car to get.

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This is one legit ride and one hell of a deal for a GTR. Last time I talked to Ken, it was a rb26 in there like how GTR's are suppose to come. And its obvious he's trying to sell it to buy a house?
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