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For those of you who recall my posts from about a month ago trying to figure a solution to a new sound system in my 92T, I've finally ordered 4 speakers, and am purchasing a head unit in Houston during a customer site visit on Monday.

After lengthy debates between the Infinity Kappas and the Infinity References, I actually wound up going with Polk for all four corners. Polk db650's in the front, and Polk db525's in the rear. Ordered from Crutchfield as they had a buy one pair, get the 2nd pair at half price deal going on. With a coupon for free shipping, it came out to $144 shipped for all 4 speakers.

The head unit I want is the Alpine CDA-9835, black and white BioLite display. Recently discontinued for the 9855, which has a touch-bar at the bottom, kind of like a touchpad on a laptop. Tried it out, didn't like it at all.

The 9835 I found in Houston is going for just $360, as it's a display unit. Figured that's a pretty decent price, so looking at just over $500 for all that equipment.

I'll figure out later what to do re: an amp/sub. I REALLY want to get the Infinity BassLink 10" powered sub, but thus far there's been no evidence that it can really be successfully mounted into a Mk3 hatch with room for the targa roof to stow away during topless driving. :-/

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