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I just picked up a 93.5 baltic blue twin turbo 6-speed. It had 50,000 miles on it. The previous owner added a Apexi front mount intercooler and GT Exhaust, Blitz ID unit and boost controller, Greddy turbo timer and alot of gagues, Eibach springs, HKS blow off and turbos were set sequencial. For the price i could not say no the car was in great shape.

After i bought the car i was wondering what the compression and hp was. i went over to bullish racing where they have a built in dyno jet. they first ran a compression test which showed 175 across the bored except for 6 which was about 155, i guess i need to bypass the egr. Anyway i was amazed with the mods that were done on stock turbos the car put out 393HP and 408TQ.

Supra's rock

HEy the numbers sound great//// what kinda boost were you running and gas? I have a 93.5 6sp it made 350 with the front cat still on..... no dp and stock side mount i am hoping when i get the dp installed i will be right there with you at about the 400 range... ps i had 14psi on my run... thanx Kevin...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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