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So the car has been up for sale for the last few months. However in the last few months a few things have changed on the car. I am a very motivated seller right now. As of April 23, 2007 I am moving out of the country for over 3 months. That means I don’t need the car and will have no place to store it. So here is the story. First person to bring me $9500 OBO and it’s their car. I have to have this car gone by the end of next week guys. The car suffered engine failure in November of 2006 due a faulty vacuum line to the wastegate. It took me about 3 months to replace the engine because of life and work. The motor came from a 130K that was completely refreshed with a new gasket set and valve stem seals. The head was decked and so was the block to make sure everything was square finally it was assembled with a factory Toyota TwinTurbo headgasket and ARP headstuds. The distributor was also replaced with a new one including cap and rotor and spark plugs and wires. While installing everything a set of EGR block of plates were used to eliminate the EGR system as well as the proper resistors to not throw a Check Engine Light. All excessive VSVs were deleted and so were the excessive vacuum lines. The motor was reinstalled in the car and everything torque down to spec including a new clutch (Centerforce DF522018) with a resurfaced flywheel. Fresh Mobil 75w-90 for the transmission and the same for the Differential were used. Valvoline VR-1 20w-50 was used in the engine since final assembly. Oil was changed after 500 miles and again after 500, then done again about 2 weeks ago after another 1000 miles. So all in all the fresh motor has about 2k on the odo and is still being driven daily. The transmission shifts smoothly with no grinds and the pads and rotors in front are new and the rears have about 10K. The car drives very smoothly with the MAP ECU under load the usual pop and gurgle when you lift the throttle and sometimes flames will erupt (cat less). Custom one piece 3” exhaust to Aero Turbine single muffler with 2 resonators so its not too loud but the wastegate changes that. Its still running on stock injectors and kept at 9 psi of boost. The car is plenty quicker than a GTO, GT Mustang, G35, 350Z, Z28 and SS Camaro, BMW M3, Porsche Cayman, Stock TT auto, and etc… The car has a decent interior I have been piecing parts for a full interior swap to black I am somewhat done but some parts are just too damn hard to find. The stock seats are still there and are rather worn but what the hell they can be replaced. I left because I have a bad back and race seats are not my cup of tea. The rear seats are black the fronts are tan again it goes back to the black interior swap. The radio work and so does the cassette. It has a full size spare in the trunk (Infiniti Q45 front wheel) clears TT caliper. I drive it daily since it fired up in February and it runs just fine. The idle surges just a bit but can be attributed to a dirty IACV. I will clean it before sale to make sure its in good condition. The car will come with one or 2 sets of wheels depending on the price it s sells for the ones pictured will come with it regardless they are brand new and have 250 miles. They have 275/40/18 Michelin PS Zero Pressure in the rear and 225/45/18 with Dunlop SP 8000 up front. They are 18x8.5 +22 and 18X9.5 +38 Racing Sparco NS-06 Cheetah. The rears weight 19lbs and the fronts weight 18.2lbs so a pretty decent light weight wheel. The other set are 18x8.5+38 and 18x9.5+25 MB Drift with 225/40/18 all the way around (I never got the chance to lower the car to utilize the offset). They all clear TT brakes and the Michelins grip like a gorilla and don’t squirm at all. Well if you have any questions please give me a call at (615) 579-6482. If you want pics of a specific thing let me know. The car has no rust at all. VIN available upon request. Here are the some specs:
250K on chassis
Freshened motor
Good Tranny: 5 spd manual
1.5mm Factory Toyota GTE headgasket
Boost Logic EGR Block Off
ARP headstuds
Vacuum Line Delete
New Rotor and Cap
New spark plugs
Partial Black Interior (slow collecting the parts for a black interior swap)
Stock Injectors
XS Power Turbo Kit (Thanks Mark)
Turbocharged T-61
Custom IC Piping
Blitz BOV
Custom VRD 3" single exhaust
Autometer boost Gauge
18X8.5 fr and 18X9.5 MB wheels Drifters
225/40/18 Front and Rear (rears have 500 miles)
Rolled rear fenders
18X8.5 fr and 18x9.5 Racing Sparco NS-06 Cheetah
Centerforce DF522018 Dual Friction with less than 5500 miles
Hardwired Uniden Radar
Supra TT Brakes Front with 13" Rotors and 4 Pot Large Calipers
Fresh Pads Kinda
Supra TT Shocks and Springs
Supra TT Sway bars front and rear
Supra TT control arms with new bushings
The BAD:
Was keyed at school on both sides
Paint is okay for 250K
Paint chip on fender from shopping cart
Got a soccer mom love tap on the passenger side (hit and run)
The interior is missing carpet clips to clip it on the door jambs
Runs fine and loves to throw flames on lift off of throttle
Tuned to 10psi no more! (held back by injectors just slap some 550cc and retune)

The car ran an 8.146 at 89.45mph in the 1/8th on street tires with stock clutch that was slipping horribly.

Put down 301 RWHP and 298TQ on 9psi


vanilla in her puddin'
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price drop to $8500. I will postpone my trip for another week or two if i have to but i need this gone. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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