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hello guys,

i'm a member over at and mr2oc.. i'm in the process of building my n/a 5sfe 2.2L into a turbo car.

-first thing i did was read all the horror stories about the 5s engines blowing up... reading further its not the engines that blow, its the rod/piston assemblies that give out.

i went ahead and purchased forged cp pistons and rings, i'm having my 5s crankshaft machined to fit aftermarket 3sgte rods(eagle rods) connected.

-another issue was pre-ddetonation, tuning issues, these 5s's were using piggy back systems like e-manage/safc/smt6, etc....

i went ahead and soldered together a megasquirt 2 (2.2pcb) ems.

my next issue is to get the correct injectors.. 7mgte's are recommended(greentops??) at 315cc.... but i read that rx7 460cc injectors will work too?

i'm recommended to upgrade to the 3sgte fuel pump or the supra twin turbo pump...both are plug and play

tt supra valve springs are recommended as well but which generation?

my block is a 93 rev2 it has a knock sensor.... but these engines are prone to oil starvation on hard cornering, looks like many use the 98+ 5s oil pump and shim it.... is there a supra unit i could use?

sorry for all the questions, i continue doing my research but i keep seeing supra parts for sale on the mr2 forums since they are plug and play compatible.

i did use the search function but for some reason because of my new account status, it would not allow me to use it properly.

i wanted to place in the classifieds section but it requires 100 posts.....

all your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

***ps*** for those wondering why i don't swap for a 3sgte engine... the price of the swap an electronics, the price of pistons/cams ends up being more expensive...

after my 5s is turbo'd with the stock head, i will be putting a 3sgte head on it(already have it).

i'm on a budget do to the current economic state but working on this mr2 hasnt ben to hard on my $ since i'm buying my parts second hand.

thank you
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