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Robert is a good guy and I have dealt with him for years now and I do not just live next door to him, I actually live in Denmark - Europe. I have bought many items over the years and I have never had a singe problem. I have even experienced more than once, that my parts were shipped before my payment arrived. I know 935 is a small company compared to some of the bigger vendors on this forum but a fraud company – I would indeed say no!!

When a singe guy is running a company that starts to expand, there will be periods when things are moving too slow but I'm sure things will be solved in the end. Why is it that you never hear about the hundreds of positive transactions but only about the 5 negative ones? No mater how good you are, there will be mistakes and the point is HOW things are solved in the end. Even the big vendors on this forum have unsatisfied customers and for sure some of those do have a case!

Best regards from Denmark- Europe

Karsten Horn
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