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Boy this shit kills me. There are a thousand and 1 new shops and performance places opening up every day. The majority of them suck so bad its ridiculous and the quality of work that is generated from these places is catostophic at best.

The market is flooded out with every Tom, dick, And Harry claiming to be a tuner or fabricator, or builder, etc and its a joke.

Stick with the people who have been around along time and who have proven themselves in the industry. Many of them are sponsors here on SF and others are well known enough that you can feel safe doing business with them.

I hate hearing about people being ripped off and even more so I hate having to clean up some other shmucks mess under a hood etc. Nothing turns me off more then having to re-do a car that some one did with no experience or knowledge.

Not to change the subject here just bummed out about all the scammers and crap shops that somehow manage to sucker in SF members. :(

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