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93MSB or ThomsonCharm or anyone with ported maf...

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93MSB or 95SupraSE or anyone with ported maf...

93MSB.... i remember a while back when you first ported your maf, you posted pictures and told us some details on how you did it. i can't find it in the search... i guess it's because the thread was before we changed to vbulletin? or before the forums was sold to dusty. i don't know... but anyways, i'm just asking if you can post those pics of the maf again? also are there any other things i should know other than being careful with the black box?

can anyone post pics of their ported maf?

does anyone know what those 2 little boxes that are connected to the intake piping are are for?
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Hey *wish*
I actually dont have my MAF ported or anything there but i can tell you that the two lil black boxes on the stock intake hold air in them so that when you floor the car the air is already stored in these boxes so it doesnt have to go through the MAF sensor again. So SUPPOSEDLY its to help throttle response and also i think it adds to sound reduction.
I dont have the pictures here with me (im in a dorm) but i will be heading back home sometime this weekend, ill make a note to get those pics

As far as the black boxes go, the only thing ive heard they do is reduce the sound of the intake, i have both the boxes removed and i noticed an increase throttle response with those out and the maf ported
well it seems i dont have the pics on the computer at home either :mad: oh well guess ill just have to take some new ones the others werent all that great anyways
it's ok... post the new ones when you can... thanks
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