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94 Supra AC Price Quote Needed

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Hey Curt,

Could you please quote me prices for the AC components for a 94 N/A.....I need pretty much every AC component in the engine bay, the car was in an accident before so the only AC component I have is just compressor, I need lines, sensors, condensor, fan etc......could you also post up the pics too so I can get an idea what I'm looking at......I'm dying from this heat!!! Thanks....
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88710-14090 Tube List 322.52 Cost 242.38
88712-1b140 Hose, List 86.03 Cost 64.65
88711-14650 Hose, List 81.29 Cost 61.09
88715-14270 Tube, List 43.21 Cost 32.48
88716-1b220 Tube, List 32.32 Cost 24.29
88706-14100 Tube List 79.74 Cost 59.93
88716-1b210 Tube, List 12.79 Cost 9.61
88471-34010 Tank, List 34.96 Cost 26.28
88460-14310 Condenser List 858.64 Cost 645.26
88472-14200 Bracket, List 11.08 Cost 8.33

Add 100.00 For Misc Brackets / Hardware / O Rings Etc Etc
Thanks Curt, I will let you know when I ready to order, gotta break the piggy bank for this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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