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94 TT problems...

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94 Supra Twin Turbo problems...
I am about to buy a 94 Supra TT with 6-spd tranny. The car has some BPU on it: HKS intake, intercooler with piping and HKS BOV, HKS exhaust and a Apexi boost gauge.

I was test driving this car and found out that the car is lack of power. I don't feel a lot of boost when compare to my past 93 Supra TT automatic. Also, as seen on the boost gauge, there is not even 10 lbs of boost. And the boost start falling to about 5 lbs after it reaches the maxium boost at 10 lbs.

Also the car leaks power steering fluid and also the traction control stays on when the car starts moving. The Supra is lowered so I don't know if it would cause the traction control light stays on.

Almost forgot to mention, the RPM is not stable, goes up and down at for about 500 rpm. But this problem goes away when accelerating.

The most concern is the lack of boost. Would that be caused by a broken intercooler? Bad turbos? Is this car worth buying?

Has 110K miles, 94 TT with 6-spd, black with tan leather. Clean title. I can get it for $17000.

Worth buying?


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Take it a shop and have them perform an inspection over the whole car. Depending on the price of the car would be the final factor if the car is worth it or not.

Take the estimate the garage gives you and the price of the car, add the two and you decide it's a fair price, then grab it! My opinion only..
FUCK NO. dont buy that shit. lol
It honestly sounds like a loose vaccum/boost line. The vacuum would cause the idle fluctuations, but would be normal upon accelaration (trust me, my car did the same thing when a small vacuum cap popped off). I'm sure it's a very minor deal, but to be sure get a compression check. If that turns out normal, then lowball him and get the car for cheap and hopefully fix it for $5!
I'd take it to a shop and have them inspect it and try to get the guy to lower the price a little bit. If you have mechanical skills it would make it worth it because you could just fix it yourself. I personally would do it if he lowered the price a bit probably
WTF who killed my post?

Well, it initially stated that you may want to check for vacuum leaks, etc... and to bring a friend who is knowledgeable to help you out...

Everyone is definitely correct on their advice - be sure to take it to a shop and have an inspection done... even though the car is only $17,000, you don't want to make a $17,000 mistake.

[EDIT] - nevermind, no one killed my post - he just posted it in MKIV AND TECHNICAL... didn't realize that...
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