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Car is being raffled off through NASIOC, here is the thread with the details there:

Reply there, or send me a pm here if you're interested. Thanks,


Update 7-19-06: My wife backed into the car in the driveway a few weeks ago, pics below, it's a small dent, but I'm leaving the option open for potential buyers. I can fix the car and still sell it for the $7750, or leave it as is and sell it for $7250. $500 is a more than generous allowance for getting the car repaired.

Now, for the $7250/7750 obo price, this is how the car will be equipped:

-95 Impreza L Wagon, 150K miles on chassis
-02 WRX engine, 85K on engine, only 40K after a lot of maintenance was done, see other thread
-01 Legacy GT Tranny and Rear Diff (4.11 LSD)
-Stock WRX turboback exhaust
-Vishnu crank pulley
-Speedmonkee grounding kit
-Flexalite dual electric fans
-Koyo radiator
-Spec stage 3 clutch disc and RS pressure plate
-Fidanza lightened flywheel
-Kartboy short shifter
-KYB AGX adjustable struts (4 way front, 8 way rear)
-Eibach Prokit springs
-Whiteline "Flat Out" rear strut tower bar
-WRX stock front seats
-VDO boost and water temp gauges in A pillar pod
-WRX stock aluminum pedals
-WRX stock front brakes (rotors, calipers, pads)
-WRX stock front and rear sway bars and endlinks

The front of car is converted to an RS lookalike (hood, headlights, grill, light weight bumper beam, bumper cover, fog lights) with clear corners. The headlights and foglights have sylvania silverstar bulbs in them. The paint looks good from about 10 feet away when washed, but there are some flaws/chipping up close (probably equivalent to a Maaco job), so it's not perfect by any means. The front bumper does need to be resprayed, it has some paint loss in certain areas.

What it could use:

-If you want A/C, the car needs an L a/c compressor, as I found the fittings are different between L and wrx cars. The compressor can be had for about $50-$75 at most junkyards with a 90 day to 1 year warranty on most.
-The battery light is on, but the system recharges fine (probably needs a ground somewhere).
-Airbag light is on.
-Abs light is on from the 2 damaged abs sensors up front, as well as the brake light (light just stays on whether handbrake is up or down).
-CEL is on for missing sensors at rear of the fuel tank, but aren't needed to run properly. This could be fixed by having the ecu reflashed or by installing the wrx gas tank (which I will include).
-None of these lights affect the running of the car, they are only lights that are on because of independent wiring issues. This car runs flawlessly.

The fans are wired to the flex-a-lite control box. I tried to get the car hot enough to test them, but never could get them to come on by themselves (I only attempted this a couple times, so it's probably something simple). There is a manual switch that is wired in. I just keep an eye on the temperature gauges periodically and if needed, switch on the fan. I'll include the fan install directions.

The reason the car does have a few lights on is b/c the person that helped wire the car was here for only 5 days. He did what he could during that time to get it sorted out and on the 5th day, 100% or not, he had to leave. I am not nearly as good (read: I suck) at electrical as I am with mechanical. So, it's not that the lights can't be fixed, it's just that really I don't have the skills or patience to fix them myself.

I'm going to include the 95L Complete bound factory service manual plus all the wiring notes/pinouts from the swap.

Remember, this car weighs less than 2900 lbs, and with the RS gearing and Fidanza flywheel will accelerate much faster than a WRX. Also, with the suspension setup the car handles much better than a stock WRX. So, you're getting a car that is faster and handles better than a stock WRX for a fraction of the price. Not to mention how much cheaper the insurance will be for this car compared to the WRX. And finally, it's a wagon, and we all know how fun sleeper wagons are

Also for sale with the car if wanted are:
-UTEC with remote map selector- $550 (installed with latest firmware and correct map loaded)
-Tanabe SMR catback- $350 (installed, you still get the stock catback as well)
-Progress adj. 20-24 rear swaybar with heavy duty mounts, Kartboy rear endlinks, Noltec front end links, MRT 22mm front swaybar and poly bushings- $425 (installed, you still get the stock WRX sway bars and endlinks as well)

If you have any questions about the car, please check this thread, first, as some information was not copied over. Once you have checked there and not found your answer, feel free to PM me.

We bought our first house as of 7-28-06, so all reasonable offers will be considered,


All the pictures I have of the car currently can be seen in the Impreza album here:

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I just want to let you know that I think that was a fabulous project, and a great sleeper performance car. Well done! :bigthumb:

Steve T.

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Nice car, whats shippin like to CA?

Also, whats current estimated HP as the car sits now? How different is it from the 356awhp race gas dyno?

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sent you a pm, but for other people that may be interested, shipping to CA should be around $1000, and HP should be a little above the stock number of 227 with the few improvements on the car.

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