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I've recently sold my avenger and am pursuing a supra. I've located a few and i've decided to get a 1995 six speed targa NT and upgrade it to a single turbo next year maybe, saving myself insurance costs and getting a lower monthly payment.

What does it take to turn an NT to a turbo? I'm planning on running a t-66. I know i'll need stuff like a FMIC/piping, exhaust manifolds, etc. What about the fuel system and intake manifold? Fuel pump and injectors? Any internal differences in the turbo vs Nt engine(rods, crank, pistons)? I'm not worried about $$$.

I'm trying to get a basic idea on what i need. I came from ASOG where i was planning on boosting my venge, built up the 420A, and now sold the car because i got fed up with it. Thought it was time to go get the car I initially wanted and get my a$$ in gear.

So if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it, or if you can lead me in the right direction that'd be cool. You peeps got a great looking forum here, nice work. Thanks.

-Adam Hennessy

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non turbo does not come in a 6 speed..also its usually best just to get a turbo version now than upgrading..Theres just so much shit you gotta do and the cost would not justify just starting with a TT supra

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yea i noticed i typed the wrong info on the tranny, got so many written down here the info is all mixed up. if the work is as bad as the avenger was then it's ok, that car was not meant to be boosted with it's layout.

i'm not getting the tt because i'm going single turbo anyway. why pay for tt cost and insurance? i can get a 1995 nt almost 6k cheaper than the 1995 tt up here and cut insurance cost in half, saving almost 3k a year. i have unlimited access to an engine machine shop and garage for engine work and do the majority of the work myself, cost isn't the problem. it's not knowing what to do or what specific stuff i need. if single turbo wasn't justifiable then why do people do/run it and why are some of the fastest supras' single t-66 or t-88? i know it's gonna be a pain in the ass but i still need to know what to do and what to get, not just got get a tt and forget about it.

i'm looking for urls and pages i can read up on or useful info from you guys. thanks for the tip anyway.


my bad, i see what you were talking about there sonik. looks like i'm gonna get the tt afterall. just gotta look for the right one.

with that in mind how hard is it to upgrade the TT to single? better be alot cheaper than PHR's 10k NA to TT swap.

does it just involve the t-66(what i want), larger injectors and fuel pump or is it more like new fuel rail, PCM, ect?

i'm liking this stuff i see where stock tt's are holding 500+ RWHP and i'm getting itchy fingers to get this car now. :p
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