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Name - Bryan Hinkle
Location - Kansas City, Mo
Email - [email protected]
Phone - 314-517-0789

I bought this car to originally do a 6spd swap. I ended up with too many projects so I'm selling all of current ones, and buying a new more expensive one.

Basic info:

$4500 FIRM, 145k miles, 5spd, silver w/ black interior, clean title.

I will do $3700 without the TT brakes and wheels. Will include original calipers with new rotors and pads. Wheels will be crappy 16" aftermarket 5 spokes.

Overall condition:

Paint- Paint is not very good, I'd put it at 3/10. It looks good from about 10 ft, but I was planning on repainting. Most panels have some scratches. The front bumper cover has major scrapes and paint is peeling off the front. There appears to be some paint work done on the drivers quarter panel and drivers door. Since it's silver, I can't get the pictures to show most of the scratches, but they are there. Please do not expect the paint to be good on this car.

Mechanical - Car is in excellent mechanical condition. I had a compression test done when I bought it, and all came back within specs. I just changed plugs, cap, rotor and the car pulls very strong. Idles smooth, no smoke at all. AC works excellent, and heat blows strong as well.

Interior - Interior is in very good condition. I would rate it 7/10. Drivers seat stitching is coming undone, and there are some tears in the rear side window molding. (see pics for details). Overall seats are in pretty good condition, and the rest of the black interior panels are in excellent condition. I added new black OEM mats (one of the last sets in US), a new shift boot, and a supra 5spd shifter. Also has a decent tint job, I've seen better, and I've seen worse.

Wheels and tires - Club Linea Diablos. These are fairly rare here, appear to be more a JDM wheel. I bought them off of a guy at Supraforums, and they are in excellent condition. Wheels are staggered 19in with 245/35 fronts and 285/30 rears Bridgestone S03s. Fronts have about 80% tread, and rears have about 40%. There is only 1 scrape on the drivers rear (see pic).

Mods/Maintenance -

1. Full TT brake upgrade. Came of a 95tt with 55k miles. Rear lines are SS. Brake fluid flushed, and replaced with DOT4.
2. New 6 puck clutch. It's an ebay special XTD stage 3. Flywheel was resurfaced and rear main was replaced.
3. Timing belt was done 5k miles ago.
4. Plugs/cap/rotor/wires done 1k miles ago.
5. Staggered Supra fitment wheels. No spacers, and fronts clear supra brakes.
6. Climate control replaced with clean 94 unit. It's green instead of orange, and it doesn't show the outside temp in the dash anymore. I have a clean lcd 95 unit that will go with car.
7. Optima red top battery.
8. New black OEM floormats.
9. New shift boot and 5spd supra shifter.

Known issues -

1. The brakes squeal. The pads had a lot of meat left on them when I swapped them over from the Supra, so I just left everything alone and swapped them over. The calipers are on the correct rotors, so I'm not sure if the pads need to be bed down or they may be a type of pad that is going to make noise. I'm not really sure.
2. Car makes a noise when pulling away from a stop. It's not the throw out bearing, as that was replaced, and it's coming from the front of the motor. I think it's the acc belt tensioner pulley, as I sprayed it with some wd 40, and it went away for awhile but came back.
3. The rear fenders need to be rolled. The new wheels are close to fitting, but it is bottoming onto the tire and cutting into the sidewall some.
4. Climate control needs to be changed out to the 95 one that I have. The LCD screen is green instead of orange and the outside temp doesn't work anymore.
5. The blower fan is only works on low or high. I bought the part ($200+) that I think will fix this, but haven't gotten around getting into the dash to replace.
6. Horn only works when the wheel is tilted all the way up. I don't know what the fix is, and didn't really care.
7. Driver's door handle is loose (see pic). Probably just a nut loose. Was planning on fixing when I repainted.
8. The trunk struts are bad, and won't keep the lid open.
9. CD changer doesn't work. Turned it on once, and it didn't play. Never tried it again.
10. There are a couple backlights out in the gauge cluster.
11. All needles in gauge cluster work, but one of the LEDs in the tach goes out when it is above 90 degrees.
12. Windshield has a couple scratches where it seems someone used very worn wipers. Should be an easy buff out fix.
13. Passenger door wood trim rattles.


1. I am firm on my price. I have alot more than $4500 in this car. It has a BBK upgrade, 5spd, decent aftermarket wheels, and a decent condition black interior. Sell the wheels for 1k and the brakes for 600, and you have a 5spd SC with black interior for $2900.
2. I am not interested in trades.
3. Once fenders are rolled, I would drive this car anywhere. It is very solid.
4. I will not finance you.
5. EMAIL is the best way to get ahold of me. I will check PM, but email goes to my phone.
6. I have a life and may not get back to you in 30 min. I will get back to you, but it may not be on your schedule. Please do not take offense.

This car isn't perfect, but it's a good solid platform to start with. If you are expecting a perfect condition car, please do not look at this one.


Full album 50+ high res pics:

SC300 Pics
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